11 Dos And Don’ts Of Hosting A Dinner Party

Hosting your first ever dinner party can either set you on a path of being the best host possible or never wanting to host a party ever again. The outcome normally depends on how successful the night turns out. To help you achieve the role of the best dinner party host, here are a few dos and don’ts you can follow:

#1: DO: Have A Reason

Simply throwing a dinner party simply because you want your friends to come over isn’t reason enough for a toast. Always find something to celebrate such a promotion, a birthday, or an anniversary. Guests are more inclined to join the festivities when there’s a reason.

#2: DO: Try To Host On Weekend

No one wants to rush from the office and beat traffic just to arrive in time for the party. Weekends are generally preferred since no one has to wake up for work the next day, but if you can’t avoid it, give your guests enough time to go home and get dressed before turning up at your party.

#3: DON’T: Cook Everything Yourself

Although it is nice to show off your cooking prowess, a dinner party should be a time for you to mingle and enjoy the company of others, not slaving away at the kitchen. Call and hire professional caterers northern VA companies to do the work instead.

#4: DON’T: Plan Last Minute

Send out invites for your dinner party at least two weeks before the actual date. This way your guests have enough time to RSVP and you can book the best caterers Northern VA has to offer without worrying about getting turned down because there isn’t enough time to prepare.

#5: DO: Use China

Make a good impression by letting guests eat on the best China you’ve been storing in the cupboard for years.

#6: DO: Make Sure You Have Extra Dishes And Utensils

Speak with your Northern VA catering company if they can provide fancy dishes and utensils for your party if you do not have enough for all of your guests. In cases where they do not, you can opt to rent dishes and utensils just for the night.

#7: DON’T: Forget About Allergies

Ask all of your guests about their dietary restrictions and allergies and make sure that these are taken seriously by your caterer. You do not want to be known as the host who sent your boss to the ER because of an allergic reaction to crab cakes.

#8: DON’T: Limit The Alcohol

Keep a fully stocked bar with an excellent bartender mixing and serving drinks all night.

#9: DO: Write Down The Menu

Let your guests know what you’re serving and any potential allergens that may have been used to prepare the dish to avoid any accidents and mishaps.

#10: DO: Offer Appetizers

The dinner itself doesn’t start the moment the first guest arrives. Make sure to give your guests appetizers to eat while they wait for the sit-down dinner to start.

#11: DON’T: Skip Dessert And Coffee

Everyone has room for dessert, even at a fancy dinner party. Even if you’ve offered drinks, appetizers, and an excellent dinner, dessert and coffee is the best way to end the dinner party.

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