5 Reasons You Should Use Organic Shampoo

Everything from food and beverages to beauty products and even toys can be organic. Using a shampoo with natural ingredients is another great way to use an organic product while enjoying several benefits. Even hotel shampoo is increasingly going organic. There are several reasons you should start using organic shampoo.

1. More Shine

Organic shampoos are milder and won’t strip your scalp and hair of natural oils. This means your hair will be able to naturally protect itself and will be more likely to have a healthy shine. Not only are organic shampoos milder, but they often have several natural ingredients to improve the look and feel of your hair. Organic ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera are great for your hair and can bring out its natural shine and luster. 

2. Less Irritation

Commercially processed products may cause everything from rashes to itchy skin. Once you ditch all the harsh chemicals, your scalp is likely to be less irritated. If your scalp and skin tend to be sensitive, using organic shampoo can help your scalp feel fresh and invigorated without being itchy and irritated.

3. Hair Growth

Organic shampoo can stimulate hair follicles and naturally promote hair growth. Healthy oils and minerals become immersed in your hair follicles. Several natural ingredients may limit hair from thinning and promote growth. Neem oil is an ingredient that may reduce hair thinning. Other natural ingredients that may stimulate hair growth include wheat protein and Vitamin E.

4. Better Health

You may not realize how much the products you use, even on your hair, can affect your overall health. Shampoos often have a host of dangerous chemicals that are not only detrimental to your hair but also your health. Ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfates are often found in shampoos and may cause serious eye conditions. Propylene glycol, which is similar to anti-freeze, is found in certain shampoos and can cause lung damage. Going organic means great looking hair as well as taking care of your health.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Chemicals that are harsh on your hair and body can also be harsh on the environment. Gallons of chemicals and unhealthy ingredients are being washed down the drain and into the environment on a daily basis. You can do your part by going green with organic shampoo.

By using organic shampoo you can have shinier, healthier hair while also helping the environment. Whether you’re traveling and using hotel shampoo or choosing a brand to use at home, there are several advantages to using organic shampoo.

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