How to Help Your Oriental Rug Live a Long Life

Oriental rugs in Coral Gables can be a pricey investment. However, when you properly maintain and care for your rug, it can last decades. If you are looking to purchase, or have recently purchased, a new oriental rug, here are a few tips you should follow to help ensure that yours has a long life. 

Keep it Out of Direct Sunlight

Sunlight can be extremely damaging to your Oriental rug. The sun can weaken the fibers and cause the colors in the rug to fade. While you cannot prevent the sun from hitting your rug all of the time, you should take steps to keep your rug out of direct sunlight a good portion of the time. Keeping the blinds or curtains shut when a room is not being used is one of the most effective ways to limit the amount of sunlight your rug gets. 

Clean Up Moisture and Spills

Another tip for helping to extend the life of your oriental rugs in Coral Gables is to clean up any moisture, water or spills that are present on your rug right away. The easiest way to remove water from your rug is to lay a soft cloth over the affected area and push downward, blotting up the moisture. If you allow water and moisture to sit on your oriental rug, mildew or mold can begin to form. Mildew and mold can leave behind a smell that can be challenging to remove, can damage your carpet fibers and can leave stains behind. 

Rotate Your Rug Frequently

Oriental rugs will be walked on. However, it is important that you take the time to rotate your rugs routinely. This helps to decrease wear patterns from developing. As the rug is rotated, different parts of the rug get walked on and used, helping the rug to wear evenly. 

Hire a Professional to Clean Your Rug

The final tip to help extend the life of your Oriental rug is to have it professionally cleaned. Most experts recommend having the rug professionally cleaned every three to five years. A professional can determine the best cleaning method based on the colors in your rug, how the tufts and fibers are adhered on your rug and the material your rug is made from. Routine cleaning helps to remove dirt and dust, allowing your fibers to stand up and look new again. 

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