Shoot Your Best Photos with Our City Photography Tips

On your next city trip (or just your next outing) shoot photos you can be proud of with these simple urban photography tips.

Tips for City Photography

The people, the architecture, the parks, the shops – with so many fantastic things in place, cities provide the perfect backdrop for taking breathtaking photos. However, when there are so many opportunities to take pictures, finding the right subject (and the right way to scan it) can be overwhelming. So, if you’re planning a weekend trip to a new city, or want to examine the town you live in, read our advice and become a master at photography of urban landscapes and urban streets.

Getting Up Early is Worth it

One thing most cities have in common is that they are teeming with people. Go outside early (during the golden hour) to avoid crowds. Or welcome the masses and creatively integrate them into your city photos.

Use Reflections on the Water

So many cities are built on the water – use this fact to shoot beautiful reflection photos. Depending on the body of water, you may need to take photographs from different points of view until you photograph a reflection that you like.

Find Symmetry in Your Environment

Life is full of symmetry and in cities – where there is so much architecture to discover – it can be found everywhere. Use the balance of the urban to emphasize the motif of your photos and to strengthen the composition.

Photograph the City as You See It

What is unique about the city for you? The streets, the food, your favorite shops? Take a photo of these things and start your personal experience in the city.

Manage Tall buildings

Architectural photography can be complicated! Take breathtaking photos of large buildings, stand very close to the base of the building and shoot your picture straight up. Wait in the sunshine for the sun to disappear behind the building, or point your camera into the sun to create sun lakes.

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