Three Tips to Get the Right Automotive Workwear

Working on cars is equal parts challenging and rewarding. When you do it for a living, you quickly find that it’s probably harder on your clothes than anything else. You need professional quality automotive workwear. While there are plenty of places to shop, you also need a few ideas in mind to make sure you get the best clothes for the demands of the job.


Automotive uniforms are going to be exposed to oil, lubricant and a number of other fluids that are disastrous for most clothing. They need to be resistant. Additionally, it’s easy to snag or damage your outerwear while working on vehicles. This leads many people to assume that fully synthetic materials are the way to go. That’s often a mistake. Despite the harshness of the environment, these are still work clothes, and they need to breath. Cotton blends are usually the best choice.

Instead of a fancy material, you want a different weave. A twill will increase the toughness of the cotton blend and make it more fluid resistant. Similarly, tight weaves solve the problems of ruggedness without turning your work clothes into an unbearable swamp. Stick to cotton and check the weave.


It’s great for your workwear to be able to handle the job, but you’re going to be wearing this for many hours. It has to fit. Work shirts are the easiest fit. Simply check your shirt measurements against the size guide and go from there. For work pants, you need to make sure that they aren’t too baggy, but they have to be loose enough to accommodate the flexibility required to work on cars. Coveralls are quite a bit trickier. You have to combine the fit of the shirt and pants without getting hung up in the middle. Measurement guides are definitely your friend here.


If you have automotive workwear that can handle the work and fits well, you’re off to a good start. There’s still a third issue. You want clothing with utility that aids your work. Having the right pockets in the right places, adhering to uniform requirements are important. Design will force you to shop around the most, so don’t skimp. The difference between a good design and a bad design can completely change your work day. Get workwear that facilitates the job you do.

These are the big three considerations to remember when you shop for work clothes. There are countless little things that also matter. You’ll have to lean on your own experience to help with them.

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