Upcoming Wedding? How to Get Your Little Flower Girl Ready!

Whether you are about to get married and plan on having a flower girl or your little one is going to be the flower girl in an upcoming wedding, this article is for you! Below, we will go over everything you know need to know about getting your little flower girl ready for the big day. From choosing the dress and shoes to preparing your flower girl for her walk down the aisle, we’ll touch on all the basics and then some.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Step One: The Dress

Flower girl dresses for girls are available at a number of retail outlets. It’s just a matter of finding one that you like and one that fits the bill for the bride and groom. If it’s your little one who’s going to be a flower girl in someone else’s wedding, it’s best to discuss the dress with the bride and groom. They’ll have a palette of colors they’ll want in their wedding, and the flower girl will probably have her dress chosen for her. If the dress is not chosen for her, the colors will probably be pre-chosen. In this case, you’ll be on your own finding flower dresses for girls that match this palette.

Step Two: The Shoes

Shoes should be relatively easy to find. Naturally, you want to locate a matching color that complements the dress. Girls shoes can be found at basically all shoe stores or online. Just make sure that you find the right size. Often, people choose shoes several months before the event, but kids grow fast, and when the big day comes, it’s possible that the shoes will already be too small. Either size up in anticipation of the event or wait until a few weeks before the event to pick out shoes.

Step Three: Hair and Makeup

Little girls probably shouldn’t be wearing too much makeup, but it’s possible to add a little rouge to the cheeks or light color to the lips. In terms of hair, consider having the hair down with light curls. On the other hand, if you the bride is going to have a hairdresser, see if you can fit the flower girl in for her own stylish updo.

Step Four: Prepping the Flower Girl

Lastly, make sure the flower girl knows exactly what her job is. Try a few practice runs using pieces of ripped up construction paper in place of flower petals. Use the actual basket that will be used in the ceremony and have your little one go down a length of space that will be the same length the aisle will be.

And that’s it! Just use the steps above to get your flower girl wedding-ready for your big day!

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